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"Why do people struggle to maintain weight loss after Ramadan?"

While observing Ramadan this year I came across a very interesting post that I wish to share with you folks today. This was a study done in Peshawar, Pakistan on students that may have had a smaller sample size but had some comparison to similar studies in Saudi Arabia that showed whether people had success in loosing weight and what factors took the center role in case weight was not lost.

Muslims eating for Ramadan

As we know, many studies have now come forth that show the benefit of intermittent fasting, time managed eating and so on. These studies have clearly demonstrated the reduction of inflammatory markers in the body while it is in a state of fasting. Muslims observe Ramadan during the holy month and is obligatory part of the religion. It is a fundamental pillar of Islam, one that is done only for the sake of the Lord and is the ultimate sacrifice for his pleasure. The sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) also indicates fasting on Mondays and Thursdays of the week. Lets also not forget the 6 days of fasting in the month of Shawwal. So, it is well established that fasting is a integral part of Islam and is loved by our Lord.

The health benefits are immense, among which will include weight loss one would assume. But a study done in 2022, showed some interesting findings among people as in the failure to attain weight loss at the end of Ramadan. Lets look at a deeper review of this study and compare it to a similar study done in Saudi Arabia:

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